Mon, Nov. 14th, 2011


Mon, Nov. 14th, 2011 08:43 pm
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As I said in the title, I'm Back! (Well I was never gone but let's just forget about that. :D).

I guess I'll start with today because the last days nothing much happened. Today I got my English test! I got a 18,2!!! (in 20 so it's actually pretty good. :D) And I also got my Biology test, in which I got a 14,7 that is also good but not what I was expecting. Well, either way I am extremely happy with English since I mostly learned it from the internet and my brother. Of course there's always the fact that I'm learning the freaking !BASICS! in school so yeah... I guess I shouldn't be too proud of myself. xP Either way, I am happy. But what I am really happier about is the fact that this is the second time that the teacher looks at me like I'm an alien since the people he is expecting the good grades is not me. I think he sees me as an average student. :D So I'm extremely happy when he is like "WTF?" when he grades the tests. :D

On to a different subject, Philosophy. I hate that subject, really, but I have to take it for at least two years. *sigh* The good news is that my teacher seems to be sick or something so she can't come to school. During the last week, I didn't have Philosophy but today we had a new teacher. She is really nice but the problem is that no one takes her seriously. Everyone just laughs and talks like there is no tomorrow. It's funny that in 90 minutes, we only managed to read a text of 3 pages and in all that, we didn't even understand one thing about it! It was a great class, of course the teacher was seconds away of killing us. :D

Another thing I figured out is that my mood depends a lot on the music I am listening. If I'm listening to a calm music, I'm usually smiling but if I hear something sad (OSTs usually do the trick) then I also feel like I should be frowning and glaring at everyone. (LOL.) Yeah, I am weird that way after all. :D 

And so my diet continues... I hate that stupid tea... 1 liter of green tea without caffeine and sugar every day is hell, literally. I just hope this really works because it has been a week and I haven't noticed a single change (not that I am expecting great results in a week but still...). 


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