Sun, Apr. 29th, 2012

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Hey there! I've been wondering for awhile if I should start each of my entries with the 'Dear Diary' expression. xP That would be awesome! But I won't do it.

As I said before, somewhere around the last year (...), my mood depends on the music I am currently listening to. At first, I thought it was just coincidence but I noticed that when I'm down and I listen to a cheerful song, I always seem to have a smile on my face. On the other hand, if I'm happy and I listen to a sad song, I am always frowning. *Weirdo here~*

This last week nothing much happened except... *sigh* I got an evaluation and I had an awful grade. What bothered me the most was that I though for sure I was going to have a good grade and then, from almost everything I got wrong,  I still think  that the right answers don't make sense! But this test was made by our government and it was a national one so my teacher had no fault with that. I don't blame her though. She is a nice teacher. She even tried to cheer me up after I got my test. She also said she would do what she could so this test wouldn't lower my final grade that much. In any case, I want to fucking kill my country's government.

And... I feel the need to write this... the new OVA of Ai no Kusabi is OUT!!! *fangirl squeak* I love that series so much it's almost criminal! I remember the first time i saw it (the old one) I skipped almost everything because I didn't like the plot, or the idea of a seme with long hair or a manly uke, and I absolutely hated it. But, sometime later, when my mind actually got grew up, I went back to watch everything and... sweet mother of God! That series has everything really. The only problem is the fact that you need to have an older mind to actually appreciate such masterpiece. It might be the best Yaoi series I have ever seen. Of course, really close to that spot is Maiden Rose (another yaoi series). That one though I prefer the manga. I just wish they continued it. *snif snif* What is it with me and tragic love?!

Now, I should probably go and start study because I have an exam tomorrow. Physics. I love Physics, much better than Chemistry. And the funny thing about that is that everyone seems to think that Chemistry is much better than Physics.

Also (geez, I can't seem to stop rambling when I start...) I decided to do a 100 prompt. challenge. Blame [personal profile] zaifie . She is the one doing them and I am in an urgent need of writing. I decided to use the characters from the original novel I am writing, which I shall post sometime soon enough. I will post the table in my next post.

Okay, last thing: why do people who write automatically consider themselves writers and the best that there is? I mean, come on, I write and I am a writer? I am automatically better than everyone else? NO! Why don't people see that? Also, why do people write 'I am a published author' in hopes of being seen as better than others? Who cares if they are published or something? I bet I never seen one single piece of their story in my whole life. And, what makes them think that if they are published, they are automatically better? They are not. I've seen people who write but don't consider themselves writers nor they have any of their works published that have better stories than most stuff I find published. Being published doesn't mean being the best. It only serves to work up their ego (to some people, of course).

Okay, the end, finished, fim, etc. Should probably go study right now... *too lazy*
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From all the tables here, I choose the 1st one (A) because it was the one who seems to have more to do with my story. I'll start with them as soon as I can.

001.Crash 002.Dim 003.Futile 004.Erratic 005.Loved
006.Soft 007.Hold 008.Shackles 009.Broken 010.Precious
011.Odds and Ends 012.Tea 013.Twisted 014.Echo 015.Soothe
016.Fight 017.Naked 018.Push 019.Alive 020.New
021.Born 022.Murmur 023.Devious 024.Isolation 025.Starve
026.Breakable 027.Winter 028.Ignore 029.Colour 030.Grace
031.Belong 032.Choke 033.Reach 034.Difficult 035.Heat
036.Veneer 037.Fall 038.Nightmare 039.Contagious 040.Good riddance
041.Goodbye 042.Scarred 043.Last dance 044.Burn 045.Steady
046.Monster 047.Voodoo 048.Shine 049.Intent 050.Camping
051.Grave 052.Machine 053.Destination 054.Nowhere 055.Garden
056.I know 057.Dust 058.Dream 059.Destiny 060.Spring
061.Sigh 062.Fingertips 063.Waiting 064.Playboy 065.Revenge
066.July 067.Desire 068.Free 069.Celebration 070.Stars
071.Morgue 072.Space 073.Whitewash 074.Alone 075.Coma
076.Letters 077.Phone call 078.Music 079.Silence 080.Cards
081.Emblem 082.Elephant 083.Monopoly 084.Reality 085.Serenity
086.Bone 087.Chalk dust 088.Manuscript 089.Ink 090.Perfection
091.Ring 092.Drive 093.Missing 094.Full moon 095.New direction
096.Writer's Choice 097.Writer's Choice 098.Writer's Choice 099.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice


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