Date: Mon, Apr. 30th, 2012 06:23 pm (UTC)
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Oh! College? I'm not sure if I should call you lucky because, from my point of view, it's actually very unlucky. I am having enough trouble with high school and I still don«t know what to do with my career. *sigh* Good luck for you though.

Summer? You're lucky! I only have one more month of school before Summer's here though. : )

I didn't. I still haven't posted it anywhere (mostly because I only have one chapter ready and so many (way too many) extras to place somewhere on the original plot. *sigh* I should start writing the next one soon enough. And I'll post it someday. Probably when I finish the second chapter, I'll post the first one here. As for fics, I wrote one about Star Driver (I still love the anime) but I didn't post it. : ) I have written lots and lost but I never post. xP Or, when I post, I eventually take it off due to lack of activity. I am that type of a person. : )

Have you thought about writing a novel? Maybe just for fun? I have to admit that it's really really fun to do. I completely advise you to do it though, before posting (because you are probably going to get busier with college stuff, maybe post it here where you won«'t have the usual 'oh my god, it's been xxx days. when are you going to post?' kinds of comments. If anything, words of encouragement and not the usual non-creative type of 'good chapter' reviews. Geez, why people can't write something more creative? I usually start rambling (like right now) and my review turns into a conversation with the other person xP Poor of those guys...
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