Sun, Apr. 22nd, 2012 01:25 pm
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 ...hmm... I've certainly disappeared for awhile, didn't I? *sigh* Well, I guess the first thing I should say is: I'm back. : ) The second would be the reason for my sudden return. I noticed, over the time I was out, that I certainly like to write and this journal seems like a nice way to do it. Especially when I re-read everything I wrote and remembered. It give me a certain feeling of accomplishment. Of course it also gave me the need to bang my head against the wall because of how depressed I had been. *bangs head against wall* God, I sounded like an emo!!! I feel embarrassed...

Well, yesterday, it was my birthday and I had an awesome day. : ) And one of this things I found out is that, we don't need to get presents to have fun in our birthday. As far as I remember, this has been my favorite birthday ever and it was also the only one where I didn't receive one single gift. My parents wanted to give me stuff but I told them I didn't want anything. One thing I didn't like was the way my brother treated them. We are kind of fighting each other now but, on my own birthday, he didn't even wish me a happy anniversary. For that reason, because I'm still human, I decided that, in his next birthday, I will ignore him completely. Pretty much like he did with me. Even if we are in good terms. I'll make him pay for what he did to me. I'm a very resentful person, after all.

Also, I decided to post my first original story for the first time. I hope people read it and review it. I'll post it here, someday. When I'm not too lazy. xP

EDIT: Lol, I just found out that this is my first entry for this year. xP 

Date: Fri, May. 4th, 2012 07:12 pm (UTC)
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We're in the same boat, then. Although I'll have to make my mind up before this month ends *cries* Good luck, indeed. Seems I'll be needing a lot of it.

Not really, I've been swamped with review classes. Good news is that I might go to Japan next week for our school's exchange student program! :D Only for ten days, but still.

Ooh, I used to be like that before, and then I went through this really long period of not writing anything and deleting my old works. Hopefully you won't go through that stage. Anyway, I can understand your reservations of posting them online. One thing I realized when I got the guts to post my works though, it's that no matter how crappy your work may be at the start, there'll always be those who will give you reviews that'll never fail to make your heart flutter.

Anyway, haha, yeah I have, but I've never had the guts to go through with it completely. Oh gosh, you're right. I probably should make one soon if I ever want to actually finish, but I really don't have that kind of dedication OTL And yeah, I totally get what you mean. Although it's fun when reviews turn into conversations :))

Date: Sat, May. 5th, 2012 05:36 pm (UTC)
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I didn't want to think about it either, but it might help you if you start narrowing down your choices early. I know I wish I did. *rueful grin*

I'm not quite sure yet, since I haven't contacted the school in a while but I'll be sure to tell you as soon as I'm sure of the date!! Hopefully I'll have internet when I go there, so we can chat while I'm there!

Aww, don't be too let down. Until now, no one's ever reviewed the first fic I ever posted online. It's sad, but I've learned to deal with it. I'm just happy that my other works actually got reviewed! Having friends who know you write is a surefire way of getting reviews, and if it's a fanfic for a popular fandom it has a high chance of getting reviews too. The second one isn't a guarantee, but it's still a greater chance than if it were a fic for an obscure fandom or if it was an original work.

I feel so drained by writing nowadays. It's really difficult to get inspiration I guess.


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