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 Okay, it's been a really long time since I wrote something here (... it has only been 3 days...) and I've really been craving to write something.

To be honest, I did write stuff. I tried to start some of the prompts but... well... whenever I started writing, I had other ideas and I ended up writing about 5 prompts at the same time in which the main is probably the least talked about... Okay, this isn't quite right.... There is something wrong... So, I decided to create a set of characters so I can create the stories with each prompts. I was thinking of making each prompt a chapter.

And I've decided to check the NaNoWriMo site to see what they are up to: nothing much, figures! : ) I also passed by the 'Junior Section' (NaNoWriMo Young Writers) main page and I saw something that I really liked. On their homepage, they having something called 'Dare Machine' and, just as the name clues to, it generates a mini-plot for writers to write (pretty much like a prompt). And, what I wanted to say is, loved mine. It's pretty cliche but I already have lots of ideas for this single sentence.

The sentence is: We dare you to write a chapter where your antagonist saves the day and your protagonist's life at the same time.

How cool is that? The antagonist, usually trying to kill the protagonist and 'rule' over the world actually manages to save the day. EPIC! I shall start this sometime tomorrow.

Now, I will go away now because I  need to study Math so I can raise my grade. And I was studying but I needed a small break, which I used to write this.

PS: I'm what you would call, sick as a dog. Yesterday, before I went to bed, I drank one of my daily cups of green tea and then happily went back to my computer. I started surfing through the net while waiting to get tired and then go to bed. But, it was almost 1am and I was still as awake as ever. What happened? I asked myself and then... tea... I am used to drink caffeine-free green tea but I now have to change between a caffeine-free and a biologic one. They are both green though. I completely forgot about one thing... the biologic one has caffeine. And it was about 2 am (I had to get up at 7.30) and I was still moping around my head, trying to fall asleep. And then, as if some kind of 'miracle' *sarcasm*, my throat began to hurt. And I automatically knew I was going to be sick the next day. When I woke up, this morning, my throat was like sh*t (sorry about the language), my head hurt, my alergies decided to get as worse as ever and I was sleeping while standing. Let's just say I want to kill myself right now... *coughs* Stupid cold, alergies, rain, school, endless week and maths test... *sigh* I need my sweet rest...

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