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HannakoKagamine ([personal profile] rhainus) wrote2012-05-14 09:45 pm
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Ramble Number 3 (Romance!)

 Dear diary, (... *goes and kills herself*)

Just kidding. I'm back after being some days away. I noticed I had a lot of stuff I wanted/needed to write so I decided to do so.

First, I noticed something really important (at least for me). I love writing, watching, seeing, reading, whatever romance but I absolutely despise it when it comes to myself or even in real life (in a way). Whenever I walk through school, I can't help but notice the large amount of couples. Which really grosses me out. I love seeing love but when it's really love and not just the usual 'let's show the others we date'. I mean, from my point of view, they are practically having sex with their clothes on!!! If I want to see two people having sex, I would go to a porn site, thank you very much. But I don't want to and I find it gross. I also hate love when I'm concerned. In other words, romance is a beautiful thing but not when I'm somehow involved.

Why did I suddenly remember this? Because of my friend.

I have a friend that is in love with a boy and the boy is in love with her (I can see that and I don't know him that well). The problem is... they aren't dating. The question is: why? Because she is stupid. I love her to death but I think she is being stupid. She knows he loves him and tells me that she loves him but she refuses to date him, whenever he comes to talk to her, she brushes him off with a cold shower, etc, etc, etc. In other words, she is taking him as granted. And that makes me really mad. I think he is a nice guy and she is doing nothing than seeding hopes to him when she had no intention of dating him! Today I finally asked, why do you do that? And she answer me, because I don't like when he pressures me. He isn't pressuring her, he is just in love with her. If she is really in love with him, she would talk to him about it and not do what she has been doing ever since they know they like each other: taking him for granted. I'm even amazed he hasn't been fed up with her. Well, I'm crossing my fingers so that she finally sees her mistake and they end up together but it's all up to her. I'm just giving a few pushes her and there.

Well, I have some more stuff to say but it has nothing to do with this so I'll write it in my next post.