Date: Sat, May. 5th, 2012 10:54 pm (UTC)
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Well, my problem isn't choices but my future... What I really wanted to follow is Digital Art but I know I won't get a job with that kind of stuff. I then decided to try for Medicine because I really love the human body but then I know it's a dream ~WAY~ out of my league so I've given up. I'll try and search for something that involves Biology. Now that I'm learning more stuff, I'm actually really interested in Plants and Animals but, again, what can I do with that? My main fear is going to college and then not get any job... *sigh* This is a pretty hard and I will hate feeling regrets later, living with my mistakes... *sigh* Poor you, I hope that time will never come to me... But I know it will... For the mean time, I'll enjoy my remaining time. : )

I'll be cheering for you then. : ) And be waiting. I hope you have internet so you can tell me everything about there *grin* Of course, we'll talk as normally but I'm really curious too. *grin*

Well, I've been lucky enough. The first time I posted something, it was a multi-chapter story and I got lots of reviews from chapter to chapter. Then, school started getting in my way and I completely stopped writing. When I checked my mail, I had some reviews telling me to continue, and I did. But then I didn't get even one review, even though people were reading it, so I kind of gave up. *sigh* After that, I started posting and deleting my stories, with or without reviews. *sigh* I'm kind of weak in that way. : )

Well, good luck and I hope to see some more stuff from you someday soon. : ) Preferably, a novel! *grin grin*
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