Mon, Oct. 31st, 2011

- I'm back! -

Mon, Oct. 31st, 2011 11:38 pm
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Wow! It's been... almost half a year (!!!) since I've posted anything here! Then I guess I'll start by introducing myself, again, and then writing my reasons for coming back.

My name, or the name I usually go by on the internet, is Rhainus though I'm always changing it. I'm a teenager and a high school student. I'm usually described as a person-who's-always-laughing (didn't notice until someone said it to me), too straightforward (enough to really hurt people without meaning to) and extremely picky (it depends in what but I always point something wrong with a person, an object and even myself!).

I, like every person, have some things I like to do and also have my own problems. I specifically love to write and to listen to music. I am really easily bored and tend to sit all day thinking in what to do. Sometimes, I think I'm suffering from depression but I have no one I can talk about it. 

Well, first of all I didn't intend to come back. but I thought that by telling someone, even if that someone is a virtual site and no one will probably read it, the things I wanted to tell to a person I could call a friend so I decided to come back. I'll mostly use this site to write stuff like my diary, whenever I feel like, and to place my fictions, either original or fan ones. I'll also put everything I want to be recorded of someday.


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